【Announcement of Art Fair Participation】World Art Dubai 2020(Dubai World Trade Centre)

The works of Noriko Miyauchi are going to be exhibited at World Art Dubai 2020 in Dubai,UAE from 8-10 October 2020.

■World Art Dubai 2020
Duration:Thursday,8 October -Saturday,10 October 2020
Venue:Dubai World Trade Centre

Highlights of the World Art Dubai 2019 ( From World Art Dubai official You Tube channel )

World Art Dubai-one of Dubai’s leading art events- has held every April and has attracted many artists, gallerists and art lovers from all over the world. But its 2020 Fair has been postponed due to the global new coronavirus outbreak. The fair will be held in October with introducing various measures and guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus and will welcome art lovers to the fair with all possible measures in place.


A view of the venue at World Art Dubai 2019. The man standing in the center purchased Miyauchi’s work “Knot” (top center of the photo).


This is Miyauchi’s third time exhibiting at World Art Dubai, following 2017 and 2019. This year, Miyauchi will exhibit a total of 20 colorful abstract paintings, including her latest works “Geothermal Heat” and “Changes of Pace”, which is completed by joining two canvases together, as well as a series of works based on racehorses, which are familiar to people in the UAE.
We can’t take our eyes off Miyauchi’s ever-evolving works and her further activities.


“Geothermal Heat” (Work scheduled to be exhibited at World Art Dubai 2020)


Coverage/Photo: General Incorporated Association Japan Promotion
Article/Production: Juri Mita (Creative Division)